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All employees of SHING FU Acrylic, a specialized manufacturing factory | Whether you need simple acrylic sheet cutting or more complex custom products like display cabinets, SHING FU professional team can meet your requirements.

All employees of SHING FU Acrylic, a specialized manufacturing factory

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Acrylic display manufacturer and producer of customize acrylic organizers

SHING FU ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is an acrylic products and display manufacturer based in Taiwan with over 30 years of experience. We take great pride in providing premium quality acrylic products. Our comprehensive range of custom acrylic services includes acrylic UV printing, custom acrylic sticker printing, cut to size and acrylic polishing, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed your specific requirements.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business philosophy and drives us to provide exceptional Acrylic OEM / ODM services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Having successfully exported our acrylic products to clients in the United States and Canada, we have demonstrated our ability to meet international standards and cater to the most demanding customers. Our acrylic products have earned recognition for their quality and reliability, making us a renowned partner in the global market.

Our expertise spans four decades, specializing in precision machining and fabrication of acrylic products tailored to clients’ precise requirements. From concept to completion, our team ensures every detail is meticulously crafted, resulting in exceptional products that exceed your expectations.

At SHING FU ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., we boast the most advanced manufacturing equipment, including a laser cutting machine with a maximum cutting area of 2.5 meters x 2 meters, a four-axis CNC engraving machine with four times the processing speed of competitors, equipped with dual heads for simultaneous drilling and cutting functions, and a dual-axis diamond polishing machine for fast and precise surface optimization. These cutting-edge machines provide us with unparalleled advantages in quality control, delivery time, and pricing, enabling us to deliver exceptional service to our customers and maintain a solid history and reputation.

Furthermore, our acrylic sheets come in two variants: cast and extruded. Before processing, all sheets undergo meticulous visual testing to ensure stable processing quality.

With our advanced equipment, profound technical expertise, and a wide range of product design capabilities, we are confident in becoming your ideal acrylic product supplier.
Choose SHING FU ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. as your acrylic manufacturing partner.

1980SHING FU was established.
1994Expanded to the international market by selling acrylic displays and exhibition racks.
2000Started producing acrylic medical supply display racks and introduced a semi-automated composite milling and drilling machine.
2004Developed acrylic medical shoe display stand.
2010Introduced the largest laser machine and laser rotary axis and began selling display racks for Daiso stores.
2018Cooperated with Amazon online shopping.
2019Participated in overseas exhibition to promote acrylic products
2020Introduced another laser machine to increase production capacity.

Our Management Team - SHING FU possesses an excellent management team with meticulous division of labor, ensuring the production of acrylic products that meet all customer requirements.

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